GDGC & Qualitymark Protection


If you’ve searched for GDGC and come across this page then don’t worry, you’re on the right path. GDGC is now Qualitymark Protection, we’ve just changed our name and our logo but our Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBGs) and Deposit Protection still remain.

This is actually good news for you! Along with the GDGC name and logo change, we’ve updated our branding to help increase our exposure, we’re also getting social across all platforms and doing what we can to make some noise about our Accredited Installers. The more noise we can make about IBGS and our installers, the more we can help to boost your business.

If you’re interested in knowing a little more about how Insurance Backed Guarantees can help your business, or still not too sure how we’ve changed from GDGC to Qualitymark Protection then please do get in touch with our team. Our industry experts are at hand to help you as much as possible.

So, it’s out with the old GDGC and in with the new with Qualitymark Protection. We still offer the same amazing service as GDGC, but this time we’ve made it even better.

Interested in becoming an Accredited Installer with Qualitymark Protection, simply click the link HERE, to be taken directly through to our inquiry page.

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