GDGC & Qualitymark Protection

GDGC & Qualitymark Protection

GDGC has rebranded as Qualitymark Protection, providing the same robust consumer financial protection in the form of insurance backed guarantees.

TrustMark Approved Insurance Backed Guarantees

Qualitymark Protection supplies TrustMark approved insurance backed guarantees, helping to facilitate installations under the various government-funded schemes, requiring lodgment with TrustMark.

TrustMark insurance backed guarantee

It is a mandatory requirement for the business to use an ‘approved’ financial protection mechanism for all ECO installations where the measure dictates.

For all other works in and around the home Registered Businesses are expected to provide financial protection that complies with the TrustMark Framework Operating Requirements.


What Do We Cover?

We support a vast range of home improvement installations, including but not limited to:

Insurance backed guarantee CERTASS
Insurance backed guarantee assure
insurance backed guarantee recc
MCS lnsurance backed guarantee

TrustMark Approved Consumer Financial Protection