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Who are Qualitymark Protection?

Qualitymark Protection is a leading supplier of insurance backed guarantees for domestic properties across the UK, providing cover for a host of installation types, such as renewable technologies, insulation, heating systems, glazing, roofing and general home improvements. 

Please note, Qualitymark Protection is not an installer. All policies registered with Qualitymark Protection are underwritten by Safe World Insurance Group. 

What does my policy cover?

The insurance cover provided to you by your installer is a cease-to-trade policy. This protects you if your installer goes out of business and is unable to honour their written guarantee. This policy is paid for by your installer and cannot be extended. Homeowners are not charged for this policy, and there are no additional or on-going payments that will be taken.  

When an installer has completed the installation, they will provide you with a written workmanship guarantee.  The written guarantee will detail that if something goes wrong with the installation during the guarantee period, as a result of faulty workmanship, the installer is contractually obliged to remediate the work.  

Cease to Trade means your supplier has stopped trading due to liquidation (whether voluntary or involuntary), receivership, administration, strike off or dissolution in respect of a limited company. Or bankruptcy, retirement, total incapacity or death of the principal (s) in the case of a sole trade or partnership. Or any other reason where suitable proof can be exhibited to us to confirm the supplier is no longer trading in any shape or form.  

 If you believe your installer has cease to trade following exhausting all avenues of communication, their business status can be found on Companies House using the installers full business name or business registration number.  

Get information about a company – GOV.UK ( 

  • Installation servicing & general maintenance. 
  • Any items or work not contained within the written guarantee.  
  • Any loss where your supplier has not ceased to trade or has failed to rectify.  
  • Any loss or claim which occurs and/or is discovered outside the period of cover. 
  • Any installations that are not a domestic property. 
  • Any work carried out by anyone other than the supplier, or in the event of a claim without our authorisation.  
  • Any loss or damage incurred as a result of negligence, accident, misuse, or improper repair. 
  • Any consequential loss (Unless specified in the policy documents).
  • Emergency call outs, emergency repair *unless this is a reasonable precaution to avoid future loss) or repairs for accidental damage. 
  • Any defect caused by wear and tear 
  • Any loss which is recoverable under other insurance or other source, whatsoever, for example the Consumer Credit Act 1974.  
  • Any loss or damage to the installation caused by faulty components, where the fault is covered by your manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee, and you can claim upon this. 
  • Any claim that is the consequence or subsidence or earth movement of any kind caused by any reason whatsoever, other than the negligent installation by the supplier (this would normally be covered by your building insurance).   
  • Any legal or third-party expense that you may incur as a result of a defect. 
  • Any consequential damage which has occurred in a premises other than your own.  

I have an issues with my installation, who do I contact?

If you are experiencing problems with your installation, you must first contact your installer. The installer’s contact details will be provided on your insurance documents. If you cannot find these details, please contact our team on 0345 340 0524.

Qualitymark Protection, should not be the first party you contact regarding the issue with your installation. You must first contact the installer.  

If you find that your installer is no longer trading, you may be eligible to make a claim under your insurance policy subject to the terms and conditions. The claim procedure is detailed within your insurance documents.  

It is important to note that although Qualitymark Protection accredits installers based on installation competency and solvency, we are not a remediator.  

I’m struggling to get in touch with my installer, what can I do?

If your installer is still trading, and you are unable to contact them through the details provided on your policy documents, please reach out to our team on 0345 340 0524. 

If you have had works completed under a Government Grant scheme, it is recommended to contact TrustMark regarding issues with your installation or complaints about your installer.  

TrustMark not only oversee government-funded works but also have their own dispute resolution process. TrustMark can act as a remediator and contact the installer on your behalf.

TrustMark is the only Government-endorsed quality scheme. If you have works completed under any of the Government grant schemes, please contact TrustMark through the below details.


Telephone: 0333 555 1234

Alternatively, you may wish to contact Citizens Advice for further information.

Citizens advice is an independent organisation specialising in confidential information and advice to assist people with legal, debt, consumer, housing and other problems in the United Kingdom.


Telephone: 0800 144 8848.

My installer is not willing to rectify issues with my installation, what can I do? 

If you have exhausted all means of communication and your installer is still not willing to rectify your issues, you may be able to claim under the ‘failure to rectify’ clause. Some of the policies Qualitymark Protection provide contain a ‘Failure to rectify’ clause, that protects the homeowner in the event the installer is still trading but not willing remediate issues with the installation.  

It is important to check your policy terms and conditions to understand if this clause is included in your policy, as not all Qualitymark Protection policies contain this.  

To claim using this clause, the homeowner must have taken all appropriate and reasonable steps to try and obtain remediation through other escalation points. Such as TrustMark, should the works have been conducted under a Government grant scheme.  

The failure by the supplier to rectify, remove or replace defects in the property or the home improvement/or insulation installed. The supplier is deemed to have failed to rectify where you have exhausted the complaint procedure of the supplier and any other governing bodies.  

If your policy does not contain the ‘failure to rectify’ clause, you may look to contact the installers certification body and follow their claims procedure. Often, the installer will display their certifications on their website. If you do not know the installers certification body, please contact us on 0345 340 0524.  

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