Home Improvement Insurance Backed Guarantee

Home Improvement Insurance Backed Guarantee

Qualitymark Protection is a leading provider of insurance backed guarantees for the home improvement industry. Covering renewables, insulation, glazing, general home improvements and roofing for domestic properties.

With over 1,000,000 policies registered, we work with all types of installers across the UK to provide financial protection for their customers.

How Does a Home Improvement IBG work?

The insurance backed guarantee is an important aspect of consumer financial protection. When an installer/builder completes a home improvement, they will provide a written guarantee to the homeowner. This guarantee will confirm a period of cover, in the unlikely event that something is faulty with the installation. The installer/builder will also provide information about product guarantees offered.

The insurance backed guarantee, underpins the installer/builder’s original written guarantee, and comes into effect in the event that they cease to trade and are unable to honour their written guarantee. The homeowner will then have the opportunity to make a claim on the IBG.

Why do I need an IBG?

For some, the insurance backed guarantee will be a mandatory requirement. This could be a stipulation required by a certification body or competent person scheme.

Those installers that may be receiving funding under the various government schemes for renewable or energy efficiency installations are required to register an IBG to receive the funding.

Other installers use the insurance backed guarantee as a sales tool to provide their customers with added peace of mind and confidence in their work. This is a great way to help brand reputation and hopefully win more quotations.

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Home Improvement Insurance Backed Guarantees

We support a vast range of home improvements, including but not limited to:

General Building

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How do I purchase an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

Before we are able to supply insurance to an installer, they must undergo our vetting and accreditation process. This involves providing evidence of your financial stability and installation competency.

Stage 1

Complete our online application form.

Stage 2

Your application is reviewed by our accreditation team.

Stage 3

Applications take 2-5 working days to process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualitymark insurance backed guarantees are exclusively available for Qualitymark Protection Accredited Installers. To join, you must first submit our online application form.

There are no charges involved in becoming an Accredited Installer with Qualitymark Protection. We do not charge any upfront, onboarding or subscription fees. We operate on a pay-on-demand basis.

Unfortunately, we do not provide commercial insurance backed guarantees at this time.

Qualitymark Protection does not notify building control, nor do we take partake in any site visits. We put our trust in you once accredited.

Yes, of course. We can provisionally accept you as a Qualitymark Protection Accredited Installer without your certification. However, only when we receive your certification will your account go live.

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