Registration Hub Launching 17th July

Vault Door Now Open

New RegHub Launching 17th July

The Qualitymark vault is now open.

A new and improved Registration Hub, releasing 17th July 2024.

New features, improved layout, and a seamless registration process.

If you are an Accredited Installer and would like some further information, please contact your Relationship Manager on 0345 340 0524.

New Registration Hub Features

Insurance Backed Guarantees

An updated process of registering your insurance backed guarantees, helping to reduce administration time.

User Friendly

An updated user-friendly interface, making it easier to register policies. 


Available on all mobile devices. Easier access when out on site.

Multiple Users & Updated Security

Multiple users on one platform. Increased security with 2-factor authorisation. 


Recieve reviews from your customers to be used for marketing. 

Multiple Policy Registration

Register multiple policies for the same household within one page. Ideal for those installing whole-house retrofit measures. 

Communicate with policyholders

Communicate with your policyholders through a secure messaging portal. 


Amendments are completed by installers, and actioned by our team to speed up the entire process. 

News & Industry Changes

Access the latest industry changes and news within your portal.

Frequently Asked Questions

The new Registration Hub will go live on the 17th July. 

Yes, up until 7pm of the 16th July, please continue to register your policies as per usual. From 7 pm on the 16th to 7 am on the 17th, the registration hub will be temporarily paused to help with the transition to the new system.

All information from the current system will be migrated to the new system. This includes all your current policies. You will still have access to download all policies from your portal.  

No, your login details will remain the same. 

No, the new RegHub will remain on 

Yes, payments will be taken on the same dates as the current registration hub. There are also no changes to the pricing of your policies 

No, once the new Registration Hub is set live, you will not be able to access the previous system. However, all your details to login will remain the same. All information that you have currently stored in your Registration Hub will be transferred to the new system.  

If you are unable to login or experience any problems in the new system, please contact our team immediately on 0345 340 0524, or submit a support ticket through your portal. Although we have rigorously tested the new system, there may be some areas that will require future developments. It is important that we are notified of any problems as soon as possible.    

Yes, please organise a timeslot with your Relationship Manager. They will be able to provide a demonstration and answer any questions that you may have. We will also provide you with training guides and materials to help.     

No, your direct debit information will be transferred to the new system.  

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New Registration Hub Now Live!